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Monday, June 07, 2004
  Notes on Cairo:

The AUC bookstore - course books, the Middle Eastern history classes use Dr. Cleveland's books

The currency, and the problem of stability - roughly 30% decline in 2 years.

The cats/steets/vendors. Cairo as a model of urban togetherness - Jane Jacobs' ideas about the the multiple primary uses of parks and streets to create successful neighborhoods.

-The Egyptian Museum, as compared with the national gallery in Canada - the whole idea of Museum studies in Egypt as compared with North America

-KA's observation that their are no pregnant women on the streets.

-Armed guards - the outside appearance of stability with the possibility that this is only a veneer.

-TV news - if anything more global than our western broadcasts - while state sensorship is an official policy, this seems to be an impossibility - Internet access is widely available and cheap. The only limitation is perhaps a lack of domestic news. 

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  • A word of warning about Dar al-Hayat. I have included it mainly for its rather different perspective rather that its less than stellar content. Some of those op-ed pieces - man...?!

    For those of the International persuasion might I suggest a read through Canada's much loved newspaper The Globe and Mail. Whether burning it to keep warm in the -30 C. weather, or if you are simply interested in useful Canadian facts like the mating habits of polar bears, or ways to make an igloo in only 15 minutes, the Globe and Mail has it all.


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